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WP1- Project Management

Work Package 1 is the management work package of CommONEnergy, whose main objective is to ensure coordination and supervision of research activities, monitor quality and timing of project results, and management of the overall administrative and financial aspects of the project, comprising audit procedures.

Specifically, the aim of this WP is to guarantee the cooperation within the large consortium of 23 partners, representing all relevant stakeholders covering the fields of research and development, industry and small business, as well as the owners of the demo case buildings.

EURAC will be taking on the management task of CommONEnergy as leaders of Work Package 1, ensuring that lines of communication remain clear and open across the partners and that deliverables are on time. The WP leader will be also responsible for the internal organization and for communicating with the European Commission. During the entire project lifespan it will be supported by the Steering Committee to ensure the coordination and implementation of WPs, and by the General Assembly for the strategic orientation of the project.

Work Package 1 will also manage the new knowledge generated by the project and ensure the implementation of the Grant and Consortium Agreement.

Work Package leader: EURAC